Policies, Rules, & Regulations!

Pet Requirements: 

  • Rabies is required for all dogs older than 6 months.
  • At least two (2) rounds of distemper/parvo combo vaccination if under one (1) year old.
    • If a pet is older than one (1) year old, they only need to be current on distemper/parvo combo vaccination as often as their veterinarian states.
  • Bordetella vaccine is required as often as their veterinarian states.
  • Pet is in good health and has no communicable diseases within the last 14 days
  • Dog has not harmed, shown aggressive tendencies, or exhibited any threatening behavior towards any person or other dog.
    • Owner understands that any dog demonstrating aggression or other behavior deemed unacceptable by staff may be dismissed. 
  • Must be on monthly flea/tick/heartworm preventative medication
  • Pet Will enter and exit The Village facility on a non-retractable leash and collar/harness (choke chains & prong collars, E-Collars or shock collars are prohibited)

Arrival & Departure for daycare/boarding!?

  • Please bring your dog in on a non-retractable leash.
    • Not all dogs in the lobby are evaluated for group care. 
  • Please do not bring your pet on any training devices, such as prong collars, shock or E-collars, choke collars etc.
    • Flat Collars and/or harnesses only.
  • If staff does not greet you right away, please use the door bell on the Half-Wall in the lobby to alert staff.
    • Alternatively, If you would like curbside service please speak with staff prior to arrange a protocol to meet you at the car.
      • You can alert staff of your arrival from the comfort of your vehicle with your pet parent app! 
  • Lunch and/or Dinner can be done at no extra charge when you provide the food.
    • In house food is $5/meal
  • You can let staff know at drop off if you’d like to schedule a bath or nails. Depending on availability same day appointments can be made.
  • Late pick up fee: We reserve the right to charge late fees per 5-minute increments for all clients arriving past closing time (Additionally early arrival appointments can be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice)

Boarding Reminders:

Just like a hotel, check-out time is by 9:30 AM on the day of departure Monday-Friday (While the lobby closes at 9:30 AM (8:30A on weekends) there is a 30-minute grace period for boarding dogs in the morning). On Departure Day, Dogs may stay for daycare until 6:30 PM for $38 per dog.

All dry food/kibble must be brought in one of the following to avoid a container storage fee of $15 per stay.
Guests who’s food is not in containers will be assessed a container fee for each time to rent a airtight container for the duration.

1) Air-Tight Container with unmeasured amount of food. This can be a rubbermaid, Tupperware or any food storage container that is hardshell. Dog food storage bins or other large containers such as Vittles Vaults are also acceptable.

2) Close-able, Seal-able (preferably zippered shut) Bag such as a backpack or canvas tote with food pre-portioned into individual meals for each dog(s)’ breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner bags. We will not accept gallon zip-lock baggies of food or bags of kibble straight from the store for boarding. Grocery store bags filled with kibble in no other containers/receptacle are also not accepted.

Please bring any prescribed medications/Supplements separated into a weekly pill box container(s) or pre-dispensed with meals. We must have original bottles or copy of prescription.

Other Reminders:
-Please do not bring any food or water bowls. We have plenty, including slow feeders.
-There is no drop-off or pick-up on Major Holidays. Please see holiday/peak season dates and note there is a price increase, +$15/night when boarding during those times.
-There is no drop off or pick up overnight, between 7PM-6AM.
-.You may bring toys, treats, a favorite blanket, etc. We will do our best to keep your pup’s possessions clean and in one piece, but there is no guarantee. We do have our own toys, blankets, and bedding.

  • Please know that The Village is a group care facility utilizing playgroups where multiple dogs interact. It is inherently risky as pets use their mouths/claws to communicate/play. It’s possible that Village employees may not notice superficial nicks, scratches, or wounds before the dog’s departure, and, therefore, you might not be notified.
  • As a group care facility, The Village provides overnight boarding care where eligible pets may freely interact in groups overnight. This service requires additional evaluations and is determined by staff unless requested otherwise in writing by owners.
  • All boarding dogs must be able to participate in daycare in order to provide comfortable care to ensure the well-being and comfort of all dogs in our care. We maintain this familiar and safe environment by requiring all dogs to attend our facility at least once every 90 days. This regular attendance is crucial for helping them stay comfortable with our setting, staff, and other dogs. If a dog has not visited us within this 90-day period, they must undergo a Re-Acclimation Daycare Session before they can be eligible for further services like boarding. During this session, our staff will assess the dog’s comfort and behavior to ensure they are well-adjusted and ready for a longer stay. This policy is designed to reduce stress for the dogs and to promote a harmonious environment at our facility.

Personal Property

The Village is not responsible or liable for any lost or damaged personal property belonging to the dog or owner. We recommend not bringing any personal items to boarding or daycare for this reason. The Village provides bowls, toys, beds, blankets, cots, and more to ensure premium comfort for all it’s guests.

Service Fees

Any unpaid fees, services, or products may be charged to the card provided on file without notice. Payment Histories and Invoices can be seen in your pet parent portal.

Boarding Cancellation

Since we offer only a small number of boarding spots each day, we require written notice of cancellations in a timely manner depending on the dates, as explained below.

  • Non-holiday/non-peak policy: All confirmed reservations for NON- HOLIDAY/NON-PEAK DAYS must be canceled at least two (2) days prior to the pet’s reserved arrival date. Cancellation made within two (2) days of my pet’s arrival date, or a no-show, may result in my credit card on file being charged for a one (1) night stay. 
  • Holiday/Peak day policy: All confirmed reservations for HOLIDAY/PEAK DAYS must be canceled at least Seven (7) days prior to the pet’s reserved arrival date. Cancellations made within seven (7) days of the pet’s reserved arrival date or a no-show may result in the credit card on file being charged up to 50% of the cost of the reserved pet’s stay.
    • There is no drop-off or pick-up on Major Holidays (July 4, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, & New Year’s Day).

Daycare Hours Monday-Friday only

Unless otherwise noted, the Village has daycare Monday-Friday, 6:30 AM-6:30 PM. Drop off is 6:30A-9:30A, and pick up is 3:30P – 6:30P.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday/Sunday, there is no Daycare. We are only open for overnight boarding pick up and drop off only.

Pick-ups/Drop-offs for boarding on weekends are by appointment only.

Please email Wag@thevillageunleashed.com or text 808-865-3274 to arrange a time if you haven’t already.

Arrival outside these hours may be done by appointment; fees may be applied if accommodations require extra staff or staff to be scheduled outside regular shifts. At the staff’s sole discretion, they may charge $20 per incident, directly compensating staff for their time outside their regular shifts.

PLEASE NOTE: On weekends, when daycare is closed, staff may take breaks offsite. Dogs are separated by the family into private spaces during this break; the building is remotely monitored during this time.

Operational Hours to know:

  • Daycare is typically closed or closes early on major holidays and holiday eves. These closures are notated on this webpage.
  • There is no drop-off or pick-up on Major Holidays (July 4, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, & New Year’s Day).
  • Staff is onsite overnight with the dogs but may take breaks off-site during the day when daycare is closed.
  • There is no pick-up or drop-off between 7 PM and 6 AM for the safety of the dogs and staff.
  • Boarding dogs may make appointments for drop off and pick up outside the regular daycare drop/pick up times with staff.
  • Our boarding check-out is 9:30 AM Monday-Friday and is by 8:30AM Saturday-Sunday on day of departure. All dogs here past listed times on the day of departure will be charged $38 for daycare.
  • Appointments are required for all arrivals or departures outside of daycare hours Monday-Friday, 6:30A-9:30A/ 3:30P-6:30P. Weekends are by appontment only.

    Daycare schedule:
  • May 29 (Memorial Day)  DAYCARE IS CLOSED
  • July 4 (Independence Day)  DAYCARE IS CLOSED
  • November 22 (Thanksgiving Eve)  DAYCARE IS CLOSING EARLY 5 PM
  • November 23 (Thanksgiving Day) DAYCARE IS  CLOSED
  • December 24 (Christmas Eve)  DAYCARE IS CLOSING EARLY 9:30 AM
  • December 25 (Christmas Day) DAYCARE IS  CLOSED
  • December 31 (New Year’s Eve) DAYCARE IS CLOSING EARLY 5 PM
  • January 1, 2023 (New Year’s Day) DAYCARE IS  CLOSED

Monthly Packages

Monthly Packages are to be used within 30 days of purchase. Packages will be may be automatically renewed when you run out. Packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. Visits do not roll over and are lost upon expiration. Speak with staff before expiration/next charge to cancel, pause, or change packages. 

Photo and Video Release

We love to post pictures and videos on Facebook, our website, and/or in magazine ads. Owner agrees to allow The Village to use the Owner’s pet’s name and any images or likeness of the Owner’s pet taken while he/she is onsite in any form, for use at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials without compensation, and Owner releases all rights that Owner may possess or claim to such image, likeness, recording, et al.

Emergencies/Vet Care/Injuries

If, in The Village’s sole discretion, it appears that an emergency occurs, that the pet is ill, injured, or exhibits any other behavior that would reasonably suggest that the pet might need veterinary medical treatment staff will immediately seek professional veterinary attention or provide care for your pet as decided by The Village. Attempts may be made to contact the owner(s) and the emergency contact listed on the account, prior to care, however while every effort may be made to include owners in decisions, it is noted in an emergency there may not be ample time to make notification(s) before treatment is provided. Any medical costs incurred will be at the owner’s expense.


In the event Pet is determined to be carrying fleas, The Village may, at its discretion, administer Capstar or other flea treatment at an additional charge to Owner. On top of this, a flea/tick bath treatment may be performed, and the owner will be charged accordingly. This may be done without notifying the Owner beforehand. Owner is responsible for advising The Village, prior to each service, of any medical condition that may specifically make flea treatment a significant health risk for the Pet. 

  • Capstar Pill: $10
  • Flea/Tick treatment: $30

Compassionate Care

Should the pet become too stressed while being groomed, The Village Groomer reserves the right to stop, refuse or cancel grooming services at any time. A calming agent or a sedation appointment from a vet may be required to finish the groom or book another appointment. Should the groom be stopped at any point, the owner will still be responsible for the cost of the groom at pickup.

Should the pet become too stressed while being boarded, owners will be notified to discuss options. Typically the Village can contact your vet for a prescription to help keep your pup safe and comfortable during their visit. Pets who become too stressed during daycare may be asked to leave immediately.

SOLO FEE: To make it possible to give all pups in our care the attention they deserve, pups that are unable to be in group due to behavioral issues will be assessed a “solo” fee +$25/dog/night for the extra staff time and attention your pup will require on a different than our normal group care schedule.

Boarding Peak/Holiday Price Increase Dates 2024

4th of July: 07/01 – 07/07

Thanksgiving: 11/22 -12/1

Christmas: 12/21 – 12/28

New Year: 12/31 – 01/02

No pick-up or drop-off on July 4th, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. Pick up by appointment on all other holidays. 

Grooming Pricing Policies

  • All Grooming appointments must arrive within 10 minutes of their appointment, or their appointment will be canceled, and keep a card on file.
  • Rush Fee – For clients who need their dogs done by a particular time or who are late to their appointments are subject to fees of up to $30 per dog.
  • Behavior/Handling Fee – Dogs that require an additional person to bathe or groom due to unwillingness to be washed or groomed, fear or anxiety issues, or those that have health conditions that require an assistant to hold the dog still or upright will be charged a special handling fee of $20 per groom.

For Dogs who do not frequent groomers

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone due to unruly, overly nervous, dangerous, sick, excessively unkempt, or ticked-infested pets or any other reason we deem necessary for safety. If the staff deems a pet as any of the above, they can refuse to groom the pet. If you choose to bring your pet in with or without speaking directly with the groomer of any hazards, you will be responsible for any costs involved in treating your pet or other pets that are put at risk because of this.

The Village Unleashed may change its policies, prices and/or practices occasionally at our sole discretion. All changes will be posted on this webpage. All changes are effective immediately when we post them. Your continued use of our services after posting revised policies/terms means you accept and agree to the changes. You are expected to check this web page from time to time to be aware of any changes, as they are binding on you.